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Latest News

All the latest news, events and developments which are happening at LiN Group.

Berwick Holiday

 A blog by Graeme:

This October we managed to get away for the weekend in the lovely town of Berwick-upon-Tweed. Two service users and three members of staff were lucky enough to go and very much enjoyed our time!

Leaving Edinburgh late Friday afternoon, we arrived in Berwick around dinner tim…

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Day trip to Beescraigs

 A blog by Dave:

Today was an extra-ordinary day.  Waking up whilst a bundle of sunshine passed through the curtain, I felt like I was bathing in the warm and shimmering light. I slowly opened my eyelids and took a big yawn. I had a quick shower and came to work. I was very excited as we h…

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Jersey Holiday

 A blog by Emma:

On August 19th 2017 service users from Lundie house boarded a plane from Glasgow airport to Jersey Channel Islands to begin their holiday. Once we arrived at the airport we were picked up by the hotel staff from Mason De Landes.

At the hotel, we were met by Steve the Manager w…

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My summer working with Redcroft Care Services

This is an article written by support worker Jamie Cheung. As a school leaver Jamie was looking to gain some work experience before heading to University. Prior to this the organisation had not employed school leavers but working with Jamie was such a pleasant experience that it has created opp…

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