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Physical Disability Nursing Edinburgh

The team at Redcroft Care Services Edinburgh are here to help care for individuals with Physical Disability Nursing requirements

We understand and appreciate that every service user's needs are different and often quite complex.

Whatever your needs are, our main aim is to ensure you can live as comfortably as possible and achieve the most out of life, based upon your circumstances.

Our Physical Disability Nursing Services Explained

Wheelchair bound and able bodied service users on a day outFor any service user with physical disabilities, having that extra support from caring and dedicated nurses can help to give you the independence you need to live as normal a life as you can.

The range of physical difficulties that our residents experience varies enormously.

We are well equipped to provide support, no matter what level of physical disabilities you may suffer from.

In cases of extreme physical difficulties, a service user may be fully reliant upon dedicated nursing staff and may often require complex physical equipment 24 hours per day, seven days a week.

We can provide such services if required, with both the manager and assistant manager being fully qualified nurses.

At Redcroft Care services we provide physical disability nursing for service users with extreme disabilities requiring a multi-faceted approach to care.

We can provide accommodation with physical facilities and equipment that an individual may need to help them with day-to-day living.

Disabled access outside Lundie HouseAll of our rooms are equipped with ready-to-operate tracking hoists, for example. Bathrooms are designed for the use of people with extreme physical difficulties, so that a user can easily access facilities based on their needs.

For those using a wheelchair, the rooms are designed to provide suitable access, allowing easy entry and exit and manoeuvrability.

In our care homes Edinburgh residents will receive physical assistance, but we understand that emotional assistance is also crucial for those with severe physical difficulties.

We strive to promote independence as much as possible amongst our service users, and in all cases provide the highest level of personal care.

We appreciate that the emotional needs of residents with extreme physical disabilities may also be influenced by their disabilities, so at all times we ensure that dignity, privacy and self-esteem are fully respected.

If your physical disabilities are based around dependence on technology, then this is also something that we can happily cater for.

We offer market leading physical disability nursing services at our care homes in Edinburgh. Further developments are planned in other areas.

As part of the future development plans, en-suite bedrooms will be provided for service users who have severe physical difficulties.

For more information about our physical disability nursing care in Edinburgh, contact the team at Redcroft Care Services today