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Residential Care Homes Edinburgh

At Redcroft Care Services we offer residential and respite care from our 3 Edinburgh care home facilities which is tailored to each individual service user's requirements

There are various different types of care homes, with some privately owned, some run by local authorities and others operated in the voluntary sector.

A residential care home will usually cater for a specific client group such as children and adolescents, adults of between eighteen and sixty-five or older people.

If you are searching for residential care homes Edinburgh is home to Redcroft, a leading provider of services for those requiring residential support. 

The Redcroft Approach to Residential Care

Service user doing some gardeningAt Redcroft, we offer care for people with learning disabilities and for those with complex needs in our different establishments in the city.

It is important to ensure that the home that you choose views each service user as an individual and is able to provide care tailored to their specific needs.

A good care home will support those who live there, ensuring that they remain as independent as possible, whilst providing a safe and homely environment.

It is not only physical needs upon which the home must focus: the emotional needs of our service users are also paramount.

Adults with problems such as learning disabilities often need care and support.

Some have complex needs that require a higher than usual staff-to-client ratio or extreme physical disabilities that may need nursing input as well as day-to-day care.

We recognise that, whatever their disabilities, our service users have the same rights as everyone else and should be supported in a way that allows them to live their lives as they would wish.

Through a process of person-centred care planning, we can help to identify the support needs of each person and work towards enabling them to achieve their goals.

All our residents are individuals, and all staff will respect their dignity and their right to privacy.

Some may need help with many different aspects of their lives, from assistance with personal care or communicating their wishes through to support in their leisure activities or help in managing finances.

We aim to enable them to achieve their full potential by providing appropriate support to each individual.

Service user holding up a photograph from a instant photo printing machineThe environment of residential care services is also hugely important.

We ensure that there is wheelchair access when needed and that there are systems in place to promote independence for those with mobility problems.

Outside space is also important, and we encourage our residents to enjoy the whole range of facilities we offer.

When it comes to residential care homes Edinburgh thus has a range of Redcroft establishments wherein clients will be supported to make their own decisions and be involved at every stage of the care planning process, ensuring that they can lead happy, fulfilling and satisfying lives.

For more information about our residential care homes in Edinburgh, contact the team at Redcroft Care Services today