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Learning Disability Nursing Edinburgh

Our learning disability nursing puts the needs of each service user first.

We provide residents and their families with peace of mind at all times. Our team is on hand 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Our staff are experienced, supportive and caring.

The promotion of independence is central to our care philosophy. We can assure you that when searching for care homes Edinburgh, we are the leading service to choose. 

The Redcroft Approach to Learning Disability Nursing 

Service user enjoying a drink in a cafe

We understand that learning difficulties can drastically impact an individual’s daily life.

Our goal is to promote independence. We provide gentle and ongoing guidance to our service users. This helps with areas of life which would otherwise be challenging without additional support.

We provide a safe and nurturing environment. Our focus is on maximising ability whilst minimising the confines that learning disabilities can present.

From playing sports to visiting family, our services are in place to maximise each user's independence.

Learning disabilities are as unique as the individual. A support plan must be just as unique. This is why we create a care plan based around each service user's needs and preferences.

Some of the factors which we take into account are:

  • Faiths and Cultures
    Our service users have varying faiths and cultures. We will always respect an individual’s chosen beliefs. We will ensure that their place of residence will be one where they can uphold these without restriction.
  • Dietary Requirements
    Special diets and preferences will be discussed as soon as we meet a new service user. We will create an environment where their chosen or required diet can be followed.
  • Autism

    The Redcroft team have a very good understanding of the needs of those whose learning difficulties are caused by being on the autistic spectrum. You can rest assured that tactile sensitivities and communication difficulties will be supported by our staff.

    We have knowledge of the complexities and variety of needs surrounding autism. Our positive approach will create an environment whereby those with autism can feel comfortable within their own boundaries at all times. 

Redcroft service users who have severe learning difficulties will receive the highest standards of care. Allowing them to reach their full potential and flourish in a secure and safe environment surrounded by friendly and caring staff. 

Service users buying seeds from a garden centre

As one of the leading care homes Edinburgh has to offer, we guarantee a residential setting staffed by fully trained professionals. Our staff have the skills, experience and compassion needed to provide a first class service. This aids the development and independence of every individual.



Learn more about our proactive approach to learning disability nursing by filling in our contact form today.