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A blog Alberto & Diana:

On September 10th, 2018, service users from Saorsa House and Redcroft House went to spend a week in Carrbridge, just north of Aviemore. Everybody was very excited about the holidays, so we packed our suitcases and set off on our journey to our beautiful Chalets in the Macdonald Resort in Carrbridge. We arrived there at dinner time, everyone was feeling a bit tired but had a lovely homemade dinner in the chalets all together. The guys went to bed after relaxing a bit and had some rest to get ready to go to the Highland Wildlife Park in Kincraig the following morning.


On Tuesday morning, we got up early to go and see the wonderful creatures in the Highland Wildlife Park such as: polar bears, deers, red foxes, tigers… First, we did a tour by car and right after having lunch, we went for a long walk to enjoy the animals and the amazing views. After doing some shopping on our way back, we had dinner in the chalets as it was hot dogs’ night! All together enjoyed a movie while having some drinks while planning our next destination: The Loch Ness




On Wednesday morning we got ready to try to find Nessie once and for all. We arrived at Loch Ness and boarded the local cruise boat which gave us an amazing tour all around Loch Ness. We couldn’t find Nessie unfortunately, however the guys were eager to continue trying with the breath-taking views. That night, we had dinner both staff and service users in a local restaurant which we really enjoyed.  We came back to our chalets and went to bed remembering the amazing day that we had.



On Thursday morning, after breakfast, we went to the swimming pool. After that we decided to go for a short trip somewhere close by. Richie took us to the highest beach in UK. It was so beautiful, but also windy and a bit cold, so we decided to pop in the beach bar to have a cake and a coffee. We came back to our chalets and had fajitas night.



On Friday morning we got ready and went to the coast and try to see some dolphins. We couldn’t see any dolphins and there were not boat trips available also, but we went for a walk on the beach. In our way back home, we decided to do 2 stops. First stop was in a beautiful cliff. Second stop was Moray Motor Museum. We saw some classic cars and we had the pleasure of speaking with the owner who was friendly and kind with everyone. After that we came back home and had dinner in our chalets


On Saturday, we had an amazing day in Forth Williams. It was a long way from Carrbrige but it totally worth it. We took the chairlift up into the mountains and enjoyed a hot chocolate in the restaurant at the top delighted by the spectacular views. We came back to the resort knowing that the holiday was over but pleased of everything we had done and seen.



On Sunday morning, we packed our suitcases and came back home with a whole lot of extraordinary memories and looking forward to the next one!