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Residential Care Homes Edinburgh

Redcroft Annex provides a variety of support services for people with a wide range of complex needs, including learning disabilities and autism.

Residents happily enjoying day-today life in Redcroft AnnexWhen you’re looking for a residential care home for a family member or close friend with complex needs, it’s important that you choose one that suits their individual requirements.

Redcroft Annex is one of the leading care homes in Edinburgh.

What Makes Redcroft Annex Special?

  • Our residential care home is situated close to Edinburgh city centre, within the Oxgangs and Colinton areas.
  • We provide accommodation and support facilities for a maximum of two adults and assist with their day-to-day needs.
  • We support our residents to help them maintain as much of their independence as they can.
  • We focus on maximising what they can do themselves and supporting them with everyday tasks, such as cleaning and cooking.

The site has been open since 1996. We are within easy reach of a number of local services, including the library, hairdressers and shops, enabling service users to maintain a level of independence and involvement with the community.

For those looking for conveniently placed care homes Edinburgh is easy to access, with direct bus links to the city centre.

What Services Are Provided?

The aim of all our care homes in Edinburgh is to support service users in the particular areas with which they need assistance and to maintain as high a degree of independent living as possible.

We look at the needs of each individual and how we are best placed to support them. This could be with physical or emotional needs or helping them to find work or manage their own money.

We also provide support for our service users who want to maintain links with their family and friends.

At Redcroft Annex, as in our other care homes in Edinburgh, we strive to enable our residents to make as much of their life as they possibly can.

We have a holistic approach to care provision and base everything we do on an individual basis.

When people first come to our residential care home, we set out personal targets that are important to them.

This could be anything from losing weight and going on holiday to visiting family and friends or taking part in a sport. They are encouraged to make their own decisions, as far as they can.

Please contact us for further information about our residential care homes Edinburgh amenities or the services we provide.

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